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  • What are the advantages in Uzma if compared to Digital Mosque Clock in general?
    1. Can display the Hijri calendar.
    2. Can display images that can be changed easily.
    3. Play videos in slides.
    4. Display running text with lots of unlimited lines.
    5. Play Quran audio before the call to prayer (azan) and can be uploaded by yourself as you want or just choose one of the 4 international Qori provided, namely Sheikh Misyari Rasyid Alafasy, Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Ghomidy, Sheikh Shuraim, and there is also option for additional audio translation in Indonesian. This Murottal will be played sequentially from Juz 1 to Juz 30.
    6. Using a reliable hardware device, mini computer.
    7. Make it easier to arrange the time schedule for the call to prayer (azan) and iqamah so it helps to discipline the worshipers of the mosque.
    8. Save information board space, because by using Uzma then announcements and mosque information can be displayed in one screen that is displayed alternately automatically.
    9. There is information when the priest can even ring the siren during the month of Ramadan, time of syuruq (rising sun) and time Dhuha.
  • How does Uzma work?
  • How do you change the configuration or content in Uzma?
  • Do Uzma only be used for the mosque?
  • What are scheduled audio features for?

Last updated 13 Nov 2017 04:01pm