About Uzma

Not Ordinary Digital Signage

In the early stages of its development, Uzma is a modern prayer timer that is equipped with a digital information board for mosques which makes it easy to become a prayer-call (azan) schedule reminder, iqamah schedule, deliver mosque announcements for pilgrims, murottal players or Al-Quran recitation automatically minutes before the call to prayer (azan) and also as a means of delivering da'wah messages. Uzma uses a television screen to display the output so that the size of the mosque's digital clock can vary according to the size of the television used.

But now Uzma is digital signage for all public information delivery needs. By shutting down the prayer schedule, then Uzma can be a tool for product promotion, publication activities, delivery of important information to customers, worshipers or members that you manage.

So Uzma is suitable for restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, Islamic boarding schools, government offices, business offices, hospitals, clinics, and so on.

Last updated 11 Apr 2016 03:20pm